January 2019 Product Newsletter

The full product newsletter can be downloaded at January 2019 Product Newsletter. Highlights are provided below.

Updates to QLCP-NET Developer Tool

QuEST Rail has added new features to the QLCP-NET Developer Tool:

  • Editable user interface to suit any need or customer preference.
  • Fully customizable timers with on screen countdown.
  • Enhanced graphics which allow for emulated office display.
  • Full screen toggle button.
  • Background image resize buttons now located in the toolbar.

QLCP-NET Developer Tool 3.11 and QLCP Web GUI Software v4.7 are available for download at www.questrail.com/qlcp.

Softpanel Available

All products in the QuEST LCP family with network capability have the hardware and software to add a Softpanel.

Product Inquiries

For product inquiries, please contact Eric Fuehring, Wayside Product Manager at eric@questrail.com or (660) 525-5180.