QLCP-NET Control Latching Bulletin Product Update

The QLCP-Development Tool has a new feature to allow for latching of control bits on a QLCP-NET configured as a server. The bits can be latched high or low. When latched, the control bit will ignore any outside input to change state. This feature was added to allow greater flexibility for non-vital programming. For example, an application program can be designed to operate several different location types and use the Control Latching feature as an “address” to enable specific behaviors of the non-vital program.

To learn more please download the QLCP-NET Control Latching Bulletin product update.

January 2019 Product Newsletter

The full product newsletter can be downloaded at January 2019 Product Newsletter. Highlights are provided below.

Updates to QLCP-NET Developer Tool

QuEST Rail has added new features to the QLCP-NET Developer Tool:

  • Editable user interface to suit any need or customer preference.
  • Fully customizable timers with on screen countdown.
  • Enhanced graphics which allow for emulated office display.
  • Full screen toggle button.
  • Background image resize buttons now located in the toolbar.

QLCP-NET Developer Tool 3.11 and QLCP Web GUI Software v4.7 are available for download at www.questrail.com/qlcp.

Softpanel Available

All products in the QuEST LCP family with network capability have the hardware and software to add a Softpanel.

Product Inquiries

For product inquiries, please contact Eric Fuehring, Wayside Product Manager at eric@questrail.com or (660) 525-5180.

Sale of Railroad Signal Structures

QuEST Rail is excited to announce the sale of our Railroad Signal Structures business and assets to L&W Industries, located in Springfield, MO, effective Tuesday, December 4, 2018. L&W Industries has almost 50 years of experience in the signaling and rail industry and has seen significant growth since the company was acquired in 2012. Mike Ashton, QuEST Structures Engineer and Manager with over 30 years in the rail industry including tenures at Harmon, GE, and QuEST will be joining the engineering team at L&W. Mike has been a pioneer in establishing cantilever and bridge designs that have become standards in the industry. Mike's experience coupled with L&W's resources will expand L&W's product offering and commitment to the rail industry for both Freight and Transit markets.

To inquire about these products, please visit L&W's website or contact them at (800) 852-5587.