QLCP — QuEST Local Control Panel


The QuEST Local Control Panel (QLCP) is a specialized board designed to interface between a custom local control panel (switches and LEDs) and a railway interlocking controller. With 128 switch inputs, 128 LED outputs, RS-232, RS-485, Current Loop, Ethernet (optional), and multiple communication protocols, the QLCP is the perfect LCP solution for any railway signaling application that uses industry standard interlocking controllers. The Ethernet-equipped version (QLCP-NET) provides I/O expansion (up to 512 inputs and 512 outputs), panel duplication for remote houses without the need for additional logic, and a versatile soft panel feature. The QLCP is a drop-in replacement for the Harmon/GETS CLCP board.

Main Features

  • Supports GENISYS, Ansaldo PEER, and Alstom/GE LCP serial protocols
  • Provides 128 inputs/128 outputs
  • Contains an integrated power supply compliant with AREMA Wayside Class C requirements eliminating the need for external, isolated power
  • Configurable via a USB port enabling standard configurations and rapid setup
  • Optionally available with an Ethernet interface (QLCP-NET version)
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Additional Features

  • Isolated communication ports:
    • RS-232
    • RS-485
    • Ethernet (QLCP-NET version only)
  • AREMA-compliant, isolated power supply (battery input)
  • QLCP-NET provides the following features via Ethernet:
    • Software upgrade
    • Uploading/downloading soft panels
    • Uploading/downloading configuration files