QET-1 EPROM Tester

EPROM Tester 1600x1600.jpg
EPROM Tester 1600x1600.jpg

QET-1 EPROM Tester


The QET-1 was designed to replace aging wayside memory test equipment that has been obsoleted by the use of larger EPROMs and FLASH in railroad signaling equipment.

  • Calculates and reports device CHECKSUM and CRC
  • Displays first 512 characters in the EPROM/FLASH header
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Additional Features

  • Designed to be simple, fast, and easy to use.
  • Supports the most commonly found wayside memory devices (see table below).
  • Customizable software via externally accessible programming port. Call for a quote on software customized to meet your needs.


QET-1 User Guide

List of Supported Devices

Device # Bits # Bytes
27C16 16k 2k
27C32 32k 4k
27C64 64k 8k
27C128 128k 16k
27C256 256k 32k
27C512 512k 64k
27C010 1M 128k
29F010 1M 128k
27C020 2M 256k
29F020 2M 256k
27C040 4M 512k
29F040 4M 512k