8MT-4 Handset Cradle


8MT-4 Handset Cradle


The 8MT-4 Handset Cradle is designed for transit applications which may require a more secure handset mounting or hook-switch functions.
The handset cradle if fabricated from durable hard plastic and comes with metal spring clips to retain the handset when placed in the cradle.   
The hook-switch has 2 form "C" contacts terminated in a 4-position screw terminal strip for easy wiring installation. A normally-closed and normally-open contact positions are available. Mounting is done using two #10 flat head screws with length depending on thickness of mounting panel.  Optionally the cradle can come installed on a 3" x 4.3" back plate for alternate 4-hole mounting.

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  • Hard durable plastic construction
  • Spring Clips for secure handset mounting
  • 2 Form "C" contacts N.C. and N.O. from screw terminal strip
  • Convenient 2 screw mounting